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It was probably during the 2008/09 financial crisis that handbags were first viewed as investments. In the United States in particular, handbag owners wanted to find out if their luxury purchases could get their value. From that point on, handbags began to rise in the secondary market.


This created the only purely female collection category to date. While men have long been collecting items such as classic cars, fine wine, watches and other luxury goods, women have never had their own category.


The increases in value achieved in recent years have gone far beyond inflation and outperform some of the annual returns of the most relevant indices. In this respect, it is not surprising that some experts expect eight or eight times the current market value for certain handbag models in the next 50 years.


The handbags from Hermès, Chanel, Goyard and Louis Vuitton in particular are very popular and limited on the primary market, which leads to a particularly valuable and collectable secondary market. A lengthy application process is usually necessary to acquire certain models from these manufacturers. The more difficult it is to obtain bags on the primary market, the higher the likelihood of a later increase in value.


This e-book contains all the knowledge you need to make a conscientious investment decision when purchasing luxury handbags as an investment!

  • Sound market analysis
  • Blue chips - who are the main manufacturers and models?
  • Counterfeiting - How can I reliably identify counterfeiting?
  • Buying and selling on the primary and secondary market
  • Possession and storage
  • Tax benefits for investors


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